Jazz Dwarf: A Vibrant and Low-Maintenance Shrub for Your Garden

Jazz Dwarf

Jazz dwarf is an evergreen shrub with cool purple foliage that has a cranberry undercurrent and hot pink flowers. It’s easy to grow and looks great in beds, borders, or as a ground cover.

Also called Chinese fringe-flower, it bursts with eye-catching white blooms in spring and is a repeat-bloomer. Space it in the landscape with other low-growing shrubs.

Color Choice

The loropetalums in the Jazz Hands series from Proven Winners offer an array of colors and sizes to suit almost any landscape. For example, the evergreen Jazz Hands Mini reaches just 12 inches tall with a 36 inch spread and features deep purple foliage. Jazz Hands Dwarf White is another option. This loropetalum displays beautiful white flowers that look like live gloved jazz hands in spring and bloom off and on throughout the year.

The low mounded shape of this shrub suits residential landscapes and containers in zones 7 through 10. A row of these Jazz Hands varieties looks outstanding as a flowering groundcover or planted along a driveway, sidewalk or patio. For a striking garden display, pair Jazz Hands with dark evergreens or red barberries to make the color contrast even more dramatic. This loropetalum is easy to grow in moist, well-draining soil with a slightly acidic pH and a light application of fertilizer in spring.


Jazz dwarf loropetalums are a great choice for small spaces. The low mounded plants are a beautiful addition to residential landscapes and work well in containers. They also pair nicely with other dark foliage plants like red barberry and hollyhocks.

Chinese fringe flower, or loropetalum, is often called the queen of the garden because of its stunning blooms and ease of maintenance. This Proven Winners variety lives up to its name with a burst of white flowers that look like gloved jazz hands above deep green leaves. It reblooms off and on throughout the summer.

JAZZ HANDS(r) Dwarf White loropetalum has a low, mounded habit that grows 1-3 feet tall and wide in zones 7 through 9. The white flowers are eye catching against the rich purple foliage and they rarely need to be trimmed. It works well in mass plantings, on slopes and cascading over retaining walls. The flowers are also great for cutting and the shrub is a beautiful addition to containers.

Growth Rate

Jazz Hands shrubs grow at a moderate rate, reaching about 3 feet tall and wide in full maturity. This loropetalum prefers rich, moist to dry, slightly acid soils and a sunny location in zones 7 through 9. Trim the plant regularly to keep it mounded, particularly after flowering to remove dead flowers and encourage new blooms.

A low-maintenance groundcover for the landscape, Jazz Hands blooms profusely in spring and sporadically throughout summer. Its attractive burgundy foliage holds its color well throughout the season and combines nicely with showy pink flowers. Its compact size works well in garden beds, walkway edging and container gardens.

This loropetalum is an excellent choice for residential landscapes. Pair it with other dark foliage plants, like a red barberry or Japanese evergreen holly, for a striking garden design. It also looks lovely planted as a foundation planting, a border edger or in mass plantings along slopes and retaining walls. This loropetalum looks particularly beautiful when planted near sidewalks, patios and other high-traffic areas.

Bloom Time

There’s a lot of buzz about “peak bloom” this time of year, but it’s really the blooming period that counts. It’s a span of days or even weeks, starting when 20 percent of the flowers open and ending when the petals have fallen off the plants.

If you’re looking for a mid-season bloomer in the color white, look no further than Jazz Hands Dwarf White (‘Hakuou’ PP#27,751). This beautiful loropetalum produces a burst of eye-catching, frilly, pure white flowers that accentuate a mound of rich green foliage and is a repeat bloomer throughout the summer.

A dark pink variety is also available in the Jazz Hands series with Kurenai Dwarf Fringe Flower. It’s a perfect choice for planting by the front door, in a container garden or growing in the ground. It has cool purple foliage with cranberry undertones and produces clusters of hot pink flowers. This plant is hardy in zones 7-10 and thrives in full sun to part shade, average garden soil and regular watering.

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